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Last update: August 14, 2003

Welcome to the home page for the Calasanctius School of Buffalo, New York (defunct (the school, not the city (OK, let's not debate the point))).

More email updates, and some broken links fixed. I'm thinking of relocating the guestbook, since the one we've been using now comes with several irritating pop-ups. If you know of a good guestbook host or can add anything—names, email addresses, or anything else—please contact me.

There is now a Cal picture gallery. If anyone has any more photos of Cal or field trip shots, or candids from Cal days, and can email them to me (in any format), please do.

There is now a Class of 1970 home page, the first known Cal class page in existence. Take a look. Update 8/14/03: This link seems to be broken. I'm leaving the graphic in place in case someone contacts me with a new url for it.

Here are the directories:

Alumni Directory ( updated 8/14/03)

Directory of Faculty and Staff ( updated 8/14/03)

Directory of Trustees (updated 7/22/01)

Here are some accounts of historical interest:

The obituary of Fr. Gerencser

Excerpts from Fr. Gerencser's Autobiography

The Life of St. Joseph Calasanctius

An article about the Piarist house in Derby

And one of pseudo-historical interest:

The ancient archives of the Calasanctius Mailing List

And items of artistic interest:

Innocenzo Spinazzi's statue of St. Joseph Calasanctius in St Peter's, 1752-55

Felix Ivo Leicher's St. Joseph Calasantius before the Virgin, 1767

Goya's Last Communion of St. Joseph Calasanctius, 1819

A portrait stamp of St. Joseph Calasanctius (courtesy of Dr. Richard Hull)

Two postcards given to me in the 1970s by Fr. Fodor:

One labelled S. Ioseph Calasanctius...accompanying the children along the Roman streets

One labelled S. Ioseph Calasanctius...He quietly replaced the eye in its socket

Here is a guestbook service we use as a bulletin board. Put messages here that you want everyone to see.

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