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WILLIAM F.L. MOSES, Executive Director
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THE THOMAS J. WATSON FOUNDATION in 1968 inaugurated the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship Program to enable college graduates of exceptional promise to engage in a year of independent study and travel abroad following graduation.

The Foundation provides Fellows an opportunity for a focused and disciplined Wanderjahr of their own devising--time in which to explore with thoroughness a particular interest, test their aspirations and abilities, view their lives and American society in greater perspective and, concomitantly, to develop a more informed sense of international concern. The Fellowship experience is intended to provide Fellows an opportunity to immerse themselves in cultures other than their own for an entire year.

Administered in cooperation with fifty outstanding private colleges and universites throughout the United States, the Watson Fellowship provides a grant of $16,000 to each recipient. Fellows whose spouse or dependent child will accompany them may be eligible for a grant of $22,500.

Participating Institutions (1995-1996)

Amherst College Austin College Babson College
Bates College Berea College Birmingham-Southern College
Bowdoin College Bryn Mawr College California Institute of Technology
Carleton College Claremont McKenna College Colby College
Colgate University The College of the Atlantic College of the Holy Cross
The College of Wooster Colorado College Connecticut College
Davidson College Earlham College Grinnell College
Hamilton College Harvey Mudd College Haverford College
Hendrix College Kalamazoo College Knox College
Lawrence University Middlebury College Newcombe College of Tulane University
Oberlin College Occidental College Pitzer College
Pomona College Reed College Rice University
St. Lawrence University Scripps College Spelman College
Swarthmore College Trinity College (CT) Union College
University of Puget Sound The University of the South Vassar College
Wellesley College Wesleyan University Whitman College
Williams College


THE THOMAS J. WATSON FOUNDATION was founded in 1961 as a charitable trust by Mrs. Thomas J. Wastson, Sr., in honor of her late husband. The Foundation initially used its resources in support of a variety of programs. In 1968, in recognition of Mr. and Mrs. Watson's long-standing interest in education and world affairs, their children--the late Mrs. Helen W. Buckner, the late Mrs. John N. Irwin II, the late Mr. Arthur K. Watson, and the late Mr. Thomas JJ. Watson, Jr.--decided that the fellowship program described in this brochure should constitute the major activity of the Foundation. Since that date, approximately 1,850 Watson Fellowship awards have bee made with stipends totaling over $18,500,000.


In the selection of Watson Fellows, we seek to identify individuals who demonstrate integrity, strong ethical character, intelligence, the capacity for vision and leadership, and potential for humane and effective participation in the worldcommunity. A candidate's academic record, while not of primary importance, is considered toegether with those extracurricular activities which reflect both inititative and a commitment to the candidate's particular area of interest.

The candidate's proposed project should involve investigation into an area of demonstrated concern and personal interest. Furthermore, because the year's experience may not involve extended formal study at a foreign university, the projectshould be one which may be pursued with great independence and adaptability. In short, the project should be creative, feasible, and personally significant.

The Foundation requires all Fellows to maintain contact with the Foundation during their year abroad, to submit quarterly progress reports and, upon concluding the Fellowship, to submit a final report of the Fellowship year and an accounting of Fellowship funds.

The Fellowship is taxable and must be reported by recipients as income. Taxes are not witheld by the Foundation.

The Foundation welcomes applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds and academic disciplines. All graduating seniors at participating institutions are eligible for nomination by their institution.

Nominations should reach the Foundation by November 6, 1995; nominees' completedapplications should arrive by November 7, 1995. A representative of the Foundation will visit each campus to interview nominees during the fall and winter months. Up to sixty Watson Fellows will be selected in 1996, and the awards will be announced by March 15, 1996.